Cancer baby horoscope

The boy likes to read, he likes to observe the surrounding people. He will not engage in uninteresting business for the company with his friends, better sit in a corner and think about his personal problems. The boy is not distinguished by his sufficiency and practicality, although he has a good memory, insight. Recommended profession: psychologist, artist, writer, actor, teacher, historian.

Cancer has a unique gift to see the real picture of what is happening. Well-developed intuition allows him to feel thinly the state of mind of people.

Short Sleeve Horoscope Onesie - Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer the boy is able to foresee the future, he starts from his own sensations, and does not listen to the arguments of reason. A very small child easily grasps the essence of the matter, parents do not have to waste time explaining the rules of behavior. Excessive insight sometimes harms the health of a receptive guy. He is always in suspense, trying to understand his feelings. The result is a nervous breakdown, a prolonged depression.

What Baby's Personality Will Be, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Excessive sensitivity and emotionality of Cancer is explained by the influence of the Moon. Trying to look like a real man, the boy hides his inner feelings, he wants to seem strong and confident in himself. Parents should explain to their son that his heightened sensitivity is dignity.

Parent Astrology - Get to know your Cancer Girl

Let the boy sometimes become too capricious and whiny, but he knows how to really love his parents and friends. He is insanely devoted to his family, can not fully exist outside the walls of his home. Cancer lives in accordance with the internal rhythm. Since childhood, he is tormented by fears and insecurities, the boy is too painful to perceive failure. In all the troubles he always blames himself, mercilessly criticizes the slightest weaknesses and minor mistakes. He tries to foresee possible negative consequences in order to protect himself from the experience.

He does not strive to get close acquaintances, he thinks long before taking any action. Very cautious Cancer often misses advantageous opportunities because of its indecisiveness and numerous fears. Cancer is a soft, vulnerable person, able to genuinely empathize. He subtly feels the soulful spirit of close people, so he can help them.

An incredulous and secretive child sometimes shows wisdom worthy of an adult. Cancer is very attached to its relatives, for it a warm family atmosphere is important. At the same time, it can break the strongest relations if it encounters treachery. The wound can be so deep that it is unlikely to forgive the offender.

In this case, the boy Cancer will fully demonstrate his negative qualities: detachment, cruelty, vindictiveness. In infancy, Cancer does not cause trouble, it grows quiet baby. With ecstasy, he plays with himself, calmly examines the surrounding objects. The only difficulty is internal fears. He wants, even demands, to do everything for himself and seldom thinks before he acts. The challenge for mom will be to balance his spontaneity with caution and do this without stifling his independent nature.

Mom can slow him down a bit, provide guidance, and give him freedom within limits. She should also stand back let him try to "do it himself. A Cancer mom can easily provide the security, comfort, and cuddling a Taurus child needs, and she not likely to be worried if her Taurus child seems slow to develop.

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She's happy this mellow, slow-paced child allows her mom to do everything for her, but it's also possible for a Cancer mom to stifle this child's initiative and independence. The good news for a Cancer mom is that a Taurus child knows her limits and is unlikely to venture far from her mother or home. Mom also should be aware her Taurus child will always be more than happy to let mom do for her and that she'll have to coax and encourage her to do things for herself.

A Cancer mom is all about creating a comfortable, secure home for her children, while her Gemini child is more inquisitive about what and who are outside the home and wants to be on the go.

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He'll show little restraint in telling his mom, "I love you," but is not as overly interested in her hugs and cuddles; he'd prefer she plays with him, talks to him, and answers his questions. A Cancer mom will be happier with her active Gemini child if she loosens up on her protective instincts and gives him the freedom to interact with others and explore the outside world.

A Cancer mom and Cancer child share very similar needs and natures, which makes it easy for mom to create the comfortable, secure home her child needs and to give her all the nurturing love and affection she craves. However, mom will need to make a special effort to nurture her Cancer child's independence, because this is a child who will resist growing up and breaking free from mom. As difficult as it might be for a Cancer mom, she needs to encourage her Cancer child to find interests and friends outside the home and then stand ready to come to the rescue if she needs help.

A Leo child is naturally happy, warm, and affectionate. What these kids need most is unconditional love, validation, and praise. A Cancer mom is sensitive, affectionate, and loving enough to tap into those needs and intuitively aware that behind a Leo child's sunny and courageous exterior is a vulnerable child that thrives on her loving attention.

Cancer Child Personality Traits and Characteristics (June 21 to July 22)

She'll also understand his sensitive pride and always take care to preserve it. A Cancer mom's selfless love ensures her Leo child will always be able to come to her for soothing support and that she'll always be cheering him on from the sidelines. A Virgo child is a reserved, serious, self-critical, and shy child who is a born worrier. A Cancer mom can easily make a Virgo child feel cared for, loved, and appreciated. She's the perfect supportive mom for this high-strung child. She's sensitive to her Virgo child's feelings and concerns and can provide her with the emotional support she requires.

With mom's tender, caring nature, she'll feel secure and accepted. However, mom needs to take care that she doesn't compound her Virgo child's fears by becoming overly protective.

Mom must show confidence in her child and in herself, even when she does not feel it. Libra children are peaceful, and mild-mannered kids, who love to socialize. A Cancer mom's instinct is to protect her kids up close. So mom is likely to be a bit uncomfortable with her friendly Libra child's need to mix and mingle, and with how quickly he greets everyone with a warm and open hello.

1. They Can Be Moody

Mom will need to understand he's naturally more sociable than she is because it's essential for a Libra child to have the mental stimulation of new friends and ideas. However, mom also needs to be alert to the fact her Libra child is a people pleaser and protect him by teaching him in standing up for himself and guiding him in choosing his friends wisely.

A Cancer mom understands her Scorpio child's emotional nature and intuitively knows how to respond to the needs of this rather intense and complex child. Both have a need for emotional closeness, but the intensity of this child, as well as the things she does and is curious about, will sometimes shock and make a Cancer mom uncomfortable.

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