Horoscope for 9 gemini

Your own uncertainty may contribute to a slightly fraught atmosphere, but as the Sun and Moon make friends again, so your humour will improve. Although you must behave with great dignity towards other people, you are allowed to be relatively irresponsible in relation to affairs which concern you, and you alone. Those of you in the middle of family or domestic complications should find that there are a number of solutions.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope – September 9 12222

Maintain a sense of principle and morality, check out legal details and seek assistance from friends. Why this should be a time of strained relationships is not entirely clear.

The problem is that a deep reservoir of goodwill seems to be upset by a tendency to rash and possibly resentful statements. I think you need to give partners the benefit of the doubt — at least for now.

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The pace of events is due to accelerate today, perhaps beyond what you find comfortable. However, the best way to cope with such change is to accept that the unexpected may happen — and adapt accordingly.

If anyone is guilty of unreasonable behaviour, it may be you. This may sound like a rather harsh judgment, but with the Moon in a particularly stormy mood, your emotions are definitely being whipped up.

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You probably feel like giving a partner a piece of your mind. Whether you should do so is another matter!

Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, September 9:

Actually, this is in ideal time to question your current involvements, setting yourself free for a number of improvements. The entire week will be dominated by the gradual approach of Venus and Mars to their various meetings with Jupiter, planet of hope and optimism. You must realise that this is a time when you may achieve your life-long goals, always provided you are prepared to take a giant leap of faith: you have to believe in yourself!


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The Moon gives you a flying start, but not until the middle of the week. All you need to do is make sure that your very wonderful ideas are put into practice in every detail. Inspiration is on the way for working Leos, too, especially if you have won colleagues over with your ready charm and wit.

You are now caught between two utterly marvellous planetary alignments, one which encourages you to break free, the other which urges you to stay where you are.

June 9 Zodiac is Gemini - Full Horoscope Personality

The planets are begging you to put your daily routine to one side and indulge yourself in your favourite fancy. Please enjoy yourself! The planets are in a muddle, but the result is that you can make your own choices. On one level this is an excellent time for all business-minded Librans.


On another, you should understand that any decisions taken now are likely to be revised or regretted later on. So, when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash, be sure exactly what you want. Be positive.